WowSecret is an innovative content ecosystem designed to share shocking secrets between users. The platform unites different social groups, ages and interests and gives all users without exception the opportunity to capitalize on their stories.
The first anonymous content sharing platform.
Listing on popular, liquid exchanges.
Cryptocurrency rewards for creating content.
Convenient and intuitive wallet platform WowWallet.
What is a WOWsecret?
WowSecret Ecosystem
WowSecret is a universe that will give you a lot of emotions from incredible stories collected from around the globe! The project allows millions of people to share their best stories and personal experiences on the Platform. The exchange of these so-called "secrets" will open you to different cultures and different people, their stories and topics that inspire them.
User Encouragement
Each user can not only share a bright event from his life or touch someone else's story, but at the same time earn some money. In exchange for interesting stories, using a system of likes and dislikes, authors receive tokens in their wallet;
Token Value
In the WowSecret project, tokens are of real value in the form of intellectual property (secret, information). A working product ensures the stability of the token, so it is profitable to earn on their sale;купле-продаже выгодно;
Anonymity on the platform
The complete anonymity of personal information. This will make it possible to post information of any nature, without limiting the thoughts of the authors;
Popular blockchain
Tokens are created on the ETHereum blockchain in accordance with the ERC20 standard, which makes their purchase / sale simple and understandable;
Moderation of content
Permanent elimination of informational garbage. Admins will constantly ensure that all posting remains within the law and decency;
Flexible platform
Very easy to use platform. Any newcomer will be able to get a high rating if his stories are worthy of real positive emotions of readers.
Project Features
WowSecret is a new infotainment resource that can be used not only by an experienced user, but also by any beginner who has published the most interesting or useful article, regardless of his status and experience.
Thus, the platform will unite different social groups, ages and interests, will make it possible to filter news and stories depending on the topic of interest and exclude unnecessary ones from viewing.
Opinions of our users
WowSecret solves these problems.
By publishing a secret, the user facilitates the soul, but does not receive the opinion and advice of other users.
The lack of bonuses, awards and incentives from the site, as a result of this, a loss of interest in posting their stories.
Lack of anonymity. Registration on other sites requires the entry of your personal data, at least email.
Unevenly distributed income, due to the fact that platforms take their percentage and cut payments to content creators
How the project works
By acquiring a stake in the WowSecret project and participating in its development, you make an invaluable contribution to creating a unique eco-system of communication between people. Investing directly affects the development and popularity of the project, which in turn affects the stability and increase in the price of WOWcoin in dynamics.

The WowSecret platform provides an opportunity not only to buy tokens, but also to earn!

  • - Publish secrets that affect the hearts of people with their sincerity, truthfulness and receive WOWcoin for secrets with the most likes and comments.
  • - Be an active participant in the WowSecret ecosystem, like, comment on other people's secrets, share shocking stories with friends and get WOWcoin for it.
  • - Take part in the game of the Space Dice platform, win tokens and receive daily bonuses.
WOW Token Benefits
Type of:
Token price:
General offer:

• Users become participants in the platform, retaining control over their data and receiving cryptocurrency rewards for each contribution.

• One of the platform’s tasks is to ensure that all authors are properly rewarded. Our reward model allows all community members to receive payment for their contribution accordingly.

• The WOWcoin token will play an important role in the WowSecret ecosystem in the form of an award for the best content, and it will also be used to purchase marketplace products.

• Our blockchain token model allows investors to have 100% liquidity of their investment on global cryptocurrency exchanges 24/7.

• The sale of WOWcoin tokens is open to global investors (except for US and Chinese citizens), and crypto exchanges allow traders from all over the world to buy and sell WOWcoin tokens.

• According to statistics, only 15% of thousands of startups have MVP. At the moment, we have a working platform on which we can test all the improvements we introduce

• In order for investors to be able to trade WOWcoin and maintain the liquidity of their investments, we are negotiating trading on the main cryptocurrency exchanges.

• Our blockchain token model allows investors to have 100% liquidity of their investment on global cryptocurrency exchanges 24/7.

Road map